level design

I've been making video games for what must be a little over 15 years now, It's my dream job, to be fortunate enough to spend my days building exciting and creative worlds, working with smart and like minded people is just incredible. My primary focus is level design, bringing together all the moving parts of a game into a single experience, but these days I tend to get involved in just about everything. I'm thrilled and proud to be working at Epic Games over in North Carolina, which is somewhat fitting, because my first journey into making games (when I was a wee whipper snapper) was with Unreal Engine. 


These are some of the games I'm working on, or have worked on in the past.

Toilet Bacon?

Toilet Bacon?


Join the storm chasers and save the world from the husk invasion! Fortnite is a base building, third person action game in development at Epic, sign up for the ongoing closed alpha tests.

Monster Kill?

Monster Kill?

Unreal tournament

Fourth in the Unreal Tournament series, classic first person death match in over the top arenas. This game is in development with both Epic and the community, head over to the site to take part, or just frag away.

Maximum Stealth

Maximum Stealth

crysis 2 and 3

Save the world from the Ceph alien invasion, gear up with the Nanosuit and kick some ass. Crysis 2 and 3 are available now on PC, Xbox and Ps3.

Other Games

Some other projects I've worked on, modifications and retail games (additional design) 

Insurgency Mod

No More Room in Hell

Warface (Mojave Desert)

Ryse Son of Rome (Multiplayer Arenas)

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