in my bag

I try to remain as light and mobile as possible, which is easier said than done when shooting both stills and movies. Equipment is secondary in the art of photography and movie making, but nevertheless, capable gear and good technical knowledge can go a fair way towards the results we are all chasing. Here you'll see whats currently in my bag and some of the reasoning behind the purchases.


Sony a7rii camera

This full frame camera from Sony replaced my Canon 5DMKII, the dynamic range, resolution, EVF and 5 axis stabilisation are game changers for me, I've also found the USB charging to be particularly useful when doing long time lapse shoots. The video capabilities are also remarkable for a camera of this size, 4k internal recording with a solid codec, log gamma profiles, zebras and focus peaking make it a pleasure to shoot with. This camera is extremely versatile, a hybrid without the usual cons.


sony rx100IV camera 

Sometimes you don't want to carry a big camera around with you, or you'd like another camera for B roll footage, this little gem from Sony fits the bill. Capable of incredibly high quality internal 4k recording, and more uniquely, 1080p - 120fps slow motion footage, (that retains enough latitude for grading) is nothing short of mind blowing. The pop out EVF is also very useful in bright sunlight. This camera is almost welded to my hand, it goes with me everywhere.



Like most photographers, I have a range of lenses, the majority of which were designed for use on my previous DSLR camera, luckily metabones make a high quality adaptor. I'd say 90% of my photographs are shot with the Zeiss Distagon 21mm f2.8 ZE, I've yet to find a better lens at that focal length. For video work, or when weather sealing is critical, I use the Sony Zeiss Vario f4 16-35mm. When a faster lens is required, I use my Sigma ART F1.4 35mm.



I carry the Lee Filter System with a variety of gradient ND's, Tiffen Variable ND's, that are essential for video work and B+W Circular Polarizing filters, which I rarely use.




rhino motion slider

Motion in time-lapse and a movie goes a long way, I use the Rhino Evo 24" Slider with Motion. 

The hardware is extremely well built, the controller is easy to use and the battery life is outstanding. 

Everything Else


  • Bag - Lowepro Whistler BP 350 AW

  • Tripod - Manfrotto 755 XB

  • Video Head - Manfrotto MVH502AH

  • Stills Head - Manfrotto MHXPRO-BHQ6

  • Telephoto Lens - Canon 70-200mm F2.8 L

  • Grip - Sony VGC2EM Vertical Grip

  • Displays - NEC PA242W 

  • Mount Adaptor - Metabones EF to E