Welcome to the learning portal, here you'll find my tutorials and plenty of other free resources to help you learn. If you have any requests or questions, feel free to contact me.

my adobe lightroom tutorials

My unreal tournament level design tutorials

There are enough tutorials on Youtube to keep yourself busy for a lifetime, but to save you the effort, here you'll find some of the channels that inspire me.

thomas heaton

Thomas has many tutorials focused on landscape photography, his videos are both entertaining and informative, follow him as he heads on landscape adventures and gives a practice guide for natural photography.

chase jarvis

Chase is the founder of creative live, he shoots commercial product photos, interviews world famous artists and additionally covers the mental aspect of photography.

digitalrev tv

DigitalRev TV reviews new camera gear, but they also cover new photography trends and have a range of useful tutorials for just about every part of photography, they also have a wicked sense of humour, undoubtedly the most entertaining photography channel on Youtube. 

matt granger

Matt Granger is a great teacher and has a huge library of tutorials for all skill levels, literally everything but the kitchen sink, if you need help with a specific subject, one of his 1600+ videos should cover it.

the camera store tv

The Camera Store TV is a great way to keep up the date with equipment, the reviews are the best I've come across, extremely detailed and entertaining with a very balance opinion. As with all good reviews, you end up learning quite a lot even if they are not tutorials, definitely worth checking out on a regular basis. 

marc silber show (advancing your photography)

Marc Silber interviews many of the worlds best photographers, lots of interesting portrait, travel and landscape interviews can be found here.

philip bloom

Philip Bloom is a film maker with many fantastic guides, tutorials and gear reviews, he focuses on movie production. He is one my primary inspirations for cinematography and editing.