Indonesia 2018 - Three Island

Another year, another adventure with Volcano Discovery, back again to Indonesia, but to see three different, and stunning Islands full of Volcanoes and wonderful people. I hope this short video conveys a bit of what It was like to be there.


In the summer of 2017, I visited Iceland to experience the epic scenery, and learn more about the geology of this unique country. The video series is split into 3 parts, so sit back, get a cup of tea, earl grey, hot, and enjoy!

indonesia volcano tour 2016

Indonesia is a beautiful country, this footage is from a two week adventure tour organised by Volcano Discovery, we visited many active volcanoes, temples and cities - the highlight of the tour was 3 nights camping on Anak Krakatoa volcanic island. This is my first time producing something of this scope, and although there are some things I would do differently now, I'm proud of the end result. 

BOURNEMOUTH slowmotion

To give my new RX100IV a run for it's money, I took it down to the coast in my hometown while visiting the family at Christmas, this was the first movie that I've produced and a great learning experience. It's amazing what you'll do when you're bored! I'm glad it happened, because now I can't get enough.